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 Education is the foundation of all human development and a vital catalyst for growth. Our program is founded to provide opportunities for knowledge acquisition that would not otherwise be possible or available to families living in the provinces. The basis of Start with ONE’s educational curriculum will be to equip learners with the intellectual and social skills necessary to transform their lives and their communities. Our program will be set in place to provide effective learning opportunities and enhance the quality of education to open doors to the world outside of Haiti

Welcome to our new website! We hope that you will bookmark our site and come back often.

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School Program

  A notre école “Start With One”: 1. Chaque étudiant sera équipé de compétences technologiques innovatrices pour rivaliser et contribuer à une société mondiale en constante évolution. 2. Chaque étudiant sera appelé à atteindre des objectifs élevés du “ Texas Education Agency “ afin d’être préparé et qualifié pour réussir dans la voie choisie. 3. …

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High School Program

                            9th                       10th                      11th                          12th                                                                      English 1A                              English 2A           …

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