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Tatiana Behrmann EdD                                                                       tania

Tatiana Berhmann ( Educational Director)

Bachelor’s of Science, Biology/Child Psychology, Manhattanville College
Master’s of Science- Education: Specialization in Professional Studies, Capella University
EdD- Educational Leadership and Management, Capella University
Workshops: Early Childhood Education, Identifying the Gifted, Improving Math and Science using Mother Tongue, Incorporating Active Learning in the Classroom, Exceptional Learners, CPR and First Aid

Tatiana is an adept speaker, trainer, consultant and educator. 
In her workshops, professional development courses, and seminars, she is an enthusiastic, motivating and energetic presenter.
Tatiana works with teachers, parents and students offering practical strategies for raising student achievement, differentiating curriculum, implementing a variety of assessment strategies, and dealing with the problems and challenges associated with preparing ourselves and our children for living and working in the 21st Century. 


Kristina Alexis Carvonis M.Ed                    ktista

Kristina Alexis Carvonis (Administrative Director)

Kristina is a very lively educator and consultant.
She believes in always striving for knowledge; She also understands that as a teacher, trainer, and facilitator she learns and teaches every day.
Kristina strongly believes that teachers have the responsibility to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in academic, social and personal areas.
Bachelor’s of Art, West Virginia University;
Masters of Education-Specialization: International Education, Framingham University;
Writing workshop; ESL, Differentiated Instruction
Disaster Risk Reduction training, Mercycorps, CPR, First Aid
Kristina focuses on literacy and its effect on a student’s achievement. Education is the solution to all our social problems.


Jeff Pluta ( International Coordinator )

Provide support for student registration;
Serve as liaison between Start with ONE and Texas Education Agency;
Provide technical support;
Coordinate exchange program;
Provide support for TAKS exam.





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